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With the promise of brighter days ahead, we need to safeguard ourselves against damaging UV light - and sunglasses are not the only answer.
As with our skin, our eyes can be just as susceptible to the harmful effects of too much exposure to ultra-violet radiation. It can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, the cornea, lens and even the retina. 
"Those of us who wear spectacles," Ivan Cammack observes, "have a real advantage, so long as our spectacle lenses are good enough. I wear Zeiss UV Protect lenses because I trust their protective qualities."

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Fun in the sun

Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood. 

No wonder we feel invigorated and are so keen to get outside and enjoy the countryside or the beach. Summertime in particular is a time for long walks, bike rides, games of tennis, cricket, and all forms of outdoor leisure.

So let's go our and play.

But let's play in style, with amazing vision and effective protection from the sun's harmful rays.

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Setting sights on young eyes

Short-sightedness, otherwise known as Myopia currently affects 2.6 billion people worldwide (22% of the population). It is projected to increase to affect 4.9 billion people by 2025 (50% of the world population).

Perhaps most surprising is that more than 50% of adolescents in the UK are myopic.

Myopia is a condition of the eye where light entering from a distant object does not focus directly on the retina, but in front of it. This causes distant objects to be out of focus, where near objects may be clearly in focus. This is usually because the eye grows 'too long' to focus correctly.

widen 2.jpg

Widen your field of vision

In today's world, we have never been more connected. We are forever browsing, swiping, clicking and zooming. Digital devices are an integral part of our lives. 

Staring at television screens, computers, laptops and phones inevitably has an effect on our eyes. Eyes that rarely 'switch off' need help. 

In response to consumer insights and extensive research on modern visual behaviour, ZEISS have developed a new lens portfolio to help all spectacle wearers keep up with the times.


Eye Dream - Ortho K


Correct your vision while you sleep with EyeDream contact lenses

and enjoy every day with clear, natural, amazing vision.


More short-sighted with every Optician visit?

Slow down or stop this change for the worse with EyeDream

Overnight Vision Correction.


No glasses. No daytime contact lenses. No hassle.


Is it a Migraine?

Most of us think of Migraine as a condition that causes painful headaches, a feeling of sickness, and sensitivity to light. You reach for the painkillers and just want to go lie down in a dark room until it passes.
We don’t really know what causes migraines. They're known to be triggered by periods, stress, tiredness and certain foods or drinks, and you may be able to reduce their frequency by avoiding the things that cause them. But that is not always possible...


Eyecare. Chapter and Verse

You might be diving headfirst into a brand new book or reading an old favourite. Perhaps you are reading out loud to a child or grandchild. 

Safeguarding your sight is the way to reading happiness.

Regular eye examinations are the cornerstone of visual health as people age. Individuals who have a family history of eye disease or other risk factors should have more frequent examinations...


Here comes the sun damage


Our skin is susceptible to damage from exposure to ultraviolet rays even on the dullest of days. The same applies to our eyes. Deborah Rogers visits Ivan R Cammack optometrist, to discover more.


Bright eyes


A little sunshine is good for us, too much isn't. We smother ourselves with sun cream to prevent burning our skin, but what about our eyes? It's just as important to protect our vision from exposure to ultra-violet rays. Deborah Chillman visits Ivan R Cammack Optometrist to discover why.


Through a child's eyes


Lets face it, it’s no fun suffering from short-sightedness (or Myopia by its other name), especially if you are a child.The good news is we can help prevent it and treat it. Johnny Dale talks to Kate Kellett at Ivan R Cammack optometrists.


'SEA' the difference


Ivan R Cammack, the Chinnor Optometrists, has undergone something of a transformation. It's nautical and nice reports Jim Sherwood.


Framed for his frames


Customised spectacle frames that suit your face and match your personality. British spectacle designer, Tom Davies has revolutionised eyewear. TD Tom Davies is the type of brand that’s the perfect fit for Ivan Cammack Optometrists. Stuart Rogers explains more

Charlie E 2.JPG

Eyes on the prize


From the moment he wakes, Charlie Emmett is determined to leave his competitors in his wake. Thanks to contact lenses worn overnight prescribed by Ivan R Cammack Optometrist. 

Duncan Sherwood discovers more.

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