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Essential Eye Care

Optometrist Appointment Booking – COVID 19 – After Lockdown Restrictions 
You are permitted to book an appointment with our Optometrist if your ‘Reason for Visit’ falls into one of two categories (Categories 1 and 2 listed below) 
Please understand that these restrictions follow the UK Government Policy of making sure our premises are ‘COVID Safe’. The restrictions are to safeguard the health and well being of our staff, and of our patients, and will remain in place until we receive new guidelines. 
Eye Examinations and Contact Lens appointments

Category 1

Urgent and Emergency eye care If you have an urgent need for medical help with an eye-related problem.

Please call 01844 212048 
Examples: You have

  • Sudden and sustained loss of vision

  • Significant eye pain

  • Suspected eye infection

  • Trauma (such as a DIY or gardening injury) *If very severe – call NHS helpline 111 or go directly to Accident & Emergency at the hospital 

Category 2

Essential eye care

If you have a ‘Reason for visit’ which you would not describe as ‘Urgent or Emergency’, and is not simply a routine eye care review Please call 01844 212048 Or use the Book Now form on this website 
Examples: You have

  • Broken or lost your spectacles and you have no effective spare

  • Become worried by a change in your vision / ‘Need’ a new spectacle prescription

  • Become worried by a change in your vision / ‘Need’ a new Contact Lens prescription

  • A ‘non-urgent’ problem with your vision, with your eyes, with your contact lenses

  • Been referred by your GP or by a hospital clinic or consultant

  • Been told by a medical professional or by your Optometrist that you have a ‘high risk’ of a sight threatening eye condition - you are aware that your review is significantly overdue - and the delay in this review is adversely affecting your mental health.

Category 3

Routine eye care

If you have received a routine reminder from us, or you feel that your appointment is due or overdue, but have no specific problems, please understand that we are not permitted to see you under the current ‘after lockdown restrictions’.

This applies to all patients so long as you have no specific ‘Reason for Visit’ Please keep checking this website for an update on this policy


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