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10/3/19 - 17/3/19

Glaucoma is a group of diseases causing damage to the eye’s optic nerve that we describe as the ‘Silent Thief of Sight’. This is because the most common form of glaucoma has no early symptoms, and because the resulting damage cannot be repaired.

Ivan describes Glaucoma as ‘Irreversible loss of vision, as a result of damage to the optic nerve, caused by the pressure in the eye being too high for that eye.’

Glaucoma is not high pressure in the eye - but damage in the eye caused by pressure which is too high for that eye. So what is an OK level of intra-ocular pressure in one person’s eye can be damaging to another person’s eye.


Complicated? Yes. But in the majority of cases we can beat the Invisible threat of Glaucoma by detecting, and treating it early.

You will have no clue that you have glaucoma until up to 40% of your vision is lost - and then it becomes difficult to stop the rot!


The best way to prevent this ‘all too common’ eye disease from stealing your precious gift of sight is to commit to regular comprehensive eye examinations.

We are specialists in the early detection of diseases that result in preventable vision loss. 

Let's Beat Invisible Glaucoma in our community.