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Meghan's Story

Once upon a time there was a puppy called Molly. One day, she was out on a walk when she accidentally swallowed a super bug. After that she felt quite ill , so she went home to have a nap. When she woke up she felt much better so she decided to go out for a run. Suddenly, she found that she wasn't running on the ground anymore, she was soaring through the sky. "It's a miracle" she thought, and with that thought, decided to fly home for some dinner. The next morning, Molly heard a noise in the street, so she decided to check it out. She looked out of her window and saw two men robbing a bank. Molly didn't like that, so she gathered all her courage and decided that she needed to catch them. She started to make a plan (and a very good plan it was too!). She was going to get their attention by barking, then run to the pond with them chasing her. At the last minute, she would fly over the pond and the robbers would fall straight in! Smiling to herself at the thought of the robbers in the pond, Molly went to the front of the bank and started barking. Sure enough, the robbers (who couldn't risk the attention the barking would bring about) gave chase. Molly ran to the pond, and at the very last moment, just before the robbers were about to grab her, she took a big leap and soared into the sky. The robbers lost their balance and fell straight into the pond with a big splash just as Molly had planned! Molly flew straight to the police and brought them back to the pond so they could arrest the bad guys. Molly won an award and the local newspaper wrote a story all about how very brave Molly was. Feeling super proud of herself, Molly took herself off home and had treated herself to a nap......

"Millie, Millie! It's time to get up, you need to get yourself ready for school!!" As I open my eyes, I smile to myself realising what an amazing dream I was just having. 'It would be great to have a puppy like Molly' I thought to myself as I climbed out of bed to get ready for the day..

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