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(during the COVID 19 Pandemic)

Free Contact Lens fitting service

We can provide a free of charge contact lens fitting service for NHS Key Workers who wear spectacles but need to use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for their work.

  • Please call 01844 212048 to arrange a contact lens fitting

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What we will do for you:

• Make a Comprehensive Examination of your eyes and check your prescription

• Place contact lenses in your eyes (using your spectacle prescription and measurements taken during assessment) so that you can experience contact lenses

• Teach you to safely insert, remove and manage your contact lenses

• Provide a Contact Lens Aftercare service


What we need from you:

• Evidence that you are a designated NHS Key Worker / that you use PPE at work

• Confirmation that you

      o Do not have symptoms of COVID 19

      o Are not living with someone who has symptoms of COVID 19

      o Are not self-isolating for clinical reasons

• Your Spectacle Prescription

      o If you are a patient with Ivan Cammack then we will have this on file

      o If you are not a patient with Ivan Cammack can take a photograph of your prescription and send to us via email or WhatsApp

      o If you are not a patient with Ivan Cammack and do not have access to your prescription – we can measure your current spectacles

• Please bring a simple surgical mask to wear for your Contact Lens consultation



• No fees for this service during the COVID 19 Pandemic

• Contact lenses will be supplied at normal retail prices



• If you elect to stay with Ivan Cammack for your Contact Lens Aftercare – you will be asked to join EyePlan

• If you elect to return to your own Optician for your Contact Lens Aftercare – we will give you all the necessary information

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