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After lock down information about booking appointments

You can only enter our practice if you have a booked appointment. 

We will be operating a Closed Door Policy until the health risks associated with COVID-19 have subsided. 

If you wish to book an appointment with our Optometrist or Dispensing Optician please contact us using this form, or call us on 01844 212048.

Which practice would you like to visit
Are you a contact lens wearer?
Please tell us why you need this appointment (tick one): *If you have a need for urgent or emergency eye care please call us on 01844 212048, do not complete this form.

What we will do:

  • We will get back to you to make sure we understand your need, and to complete your booking.

  • We will send you an email summary of the special instructions we will need you to follow when you attend for your appointment.

Thanks for your request

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