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Our Eye Examinations

Take a seat and relax. Whether you are looking for some new eye wear or are concerned by the quality of your vision, we will dedicate our time to your individual needs, typically this will take around 50 minutes.

​An eye examination will always start with a discussion. We will ask about any symptoms you may have, about your work and your leisure time so that we can understand the ways that you use your vision.

The reception at Ivan R Cammack opticians

An Enhanced Eye Examination

To build a complete picture of your eye health we continually invest in the latest optical technology.  This enables us to give you the most accurate vision and eye health assessment, which is the starting point for great eye care solutions.

  • Bespoke vision correction

  • Reliable clinical assessment and advice

  • Industry leading care and expertise

The latest in Optical Equipment
Ivan Cammack Opticians

Book Your Next Visit

Whether it's a regular eye check, new spectacles, or specific eye health worries, our experienced professionals are here to offer exceptional care. Schedule your appointment today to embark on the path to clear vision and optimal eye health.

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