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Our Dispensing Opticians hand select from the best spectacle ranges to provide you with a broad selection of high-quality frames to choose from when you’re looking for your perfect pair. 

We partner with suppliers at the cutting edge of technology allowing us to offer the most up to date and advanced spectacle lenses to ensure maximum visual comfort and functionality, bringing your visual requirements to life. 

Young woman trying on spectacle frames

A Personalised Dispensing Service

Our skilled team of Dispensing Opticians take the time to get to know you and to understand your personal visual needs and preferences. They take into consideration the way that you use your spectacles at work, at home and when doing your favourite activities and then recommend the best frames and lenses for each purpose. There is no such thing as one pair for everything with spectacles, different challenges require different solutions! 

We believe that eyewear doesn’t just have to be functional, it can be a fun extension of your personality and style too. With plenty of shapes, styles and colours across the three practices you’re spoilt for choice! But don’t worry, our dispensing opticians will use their skills and expertise to help you choose so you can be confident that you’re getting a pair of spectacles that look great and that you feel confident wearing.  

A pair of spectacles being correctly cleaned

Sports Dispensing

Here at Ivan R Cammack Opticians we recognise the need for eyewear solutions beyond day-to-day wear. This is why we offer Sports Eyewear Consultations where our Dispensing Optician and sports eyewear specialist, Leslie, will help you find the perfect spectacles and sunglasses for your active hobbies. Whether you’re into tennis, rowing, cycling, skiing, or even mountaineering, we have eyewear solutions for you – both with and without your prescription!  


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Whether it's a regular eye check, new spectacles, or specific eye health worries, our experienced professionals are here to offer exceptional care. Schedule your appointment today to embark on the path to clear vision and optimal eye health.

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