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Ortho-K is a vision correction therapy for myopia (short-sight) in adults and children, that provides clear vision without the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day.

Lady sleeping with Ortho-K correction lenses

Ortho-k is ideal for most short-sighted people who:

  • Want clear, natural vision all day every day

  • Want to be rid of their spectacles

  • Find conventional contact lenses uncomfortable at some point during the day

  • Play sports, or like other recreational activities where it would just be better not to wear contact lenses

  • Have considered laser refractive surgery

  • And especially for children who have become short-sighted, with a short-sighted parent, who want to stop this from getting worse!

How Does Ortho-K Work?

Vision correction while you sleep. EyeDream is a specially designed contact lens that reduces the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear.


Once the full effect has been achieved, which usually takes little more than a week, the eye is effectively ‘normal’ and can see clearly throughout the day.

Questions about Ortho-K

Can I really just wake up and see?

Yes. Once the effect is complete you simply remove the lenses each morning and can see normally. Also - and this is really clever - with the lenses in you will be able to see clearly when you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night.

How quickly will it work?

After the first night most of the necessary correction will be achieved. Normally within a week your sight during the day will be ‘treated’ and you will no longer be reliant on spectacles or daytime contact lenses, although the best vision quality can take a little longer to achieve in some wearers.

Is Ortho-K safe?

Yes. Whereas there are significant risks in the use of extended wear soft contact lenses (soft lenses you keep in overnight), EyeDream are only used while you sleep, and so your eyes spend all day without lenses - which makes them very safe to use.

Also, research and experience show that the whole process is reversible. So if you decide to stop wearing your EyeDream lenses for whatever reason, the eye will return to its original shape and you will see clearly with your spectacles again. This makes Ortho-K an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery.


How much will they cost?

There are three elements to the cost:

1.     Comprehensive Eye Examination and assessment.

2.     Fitting fees: for measurements, trials, teaching and adjustment.

3.     Ortho-K Lenses, care products, plus aftercare and support.

Ask in store for your individual quotation – EyeDream Ortho-K is currently £48 per month.

How do I know if EyeDream Ortho-K will work for me?

The first stage is to arrange a Comprehensive Eye Examination (CEE) and Ortho-k Assessment so that we have the most up to date and accurate measurements of your myopia and any associated vision challenges.

For adults this appointment will be up to 75 minutes, and for children it will be up to 50 minutes. A fee will be charged.​

  • If you currently wear Soft Contact Lenses, you must NOT wear your lenses for a full 48 hours (at least 2 days) before your EyeDream Ortho-K Assessment appointment.

  • If you currently wear Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses, you must NOT wear your lenses for at least 7 days before your EyeDream Ortho-K Assessment appointment.

In addition to the routine examination procedures, we will examine your cornea (on which the EyeDream lens will rest overnight) in detail using 3-dimensional scanning technology (Optical Coherence Tomography) and a surface mapping instrument (Corneal Topographer).
From the data gathered, we will be able to assess the likelihood of success with Ortho-K, and if your eyes are suitable, we will be able to order EyeDream lenses.

Following collection and your first overnight wear, we will monitor your progress until you only need a review every 6 months.

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